Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome 2014! As a Filipino, it is a tradition to celebrate new year with a firecracker. According to Chinese making noises with firecrackers cast away bad luck. For me, being a Chinese in blood, I am in favor of firecracker because it is a tradition of my ancestors. But on the other side, because of the unavoidable injuries caused by firecrackers, I can also say that people should handle it with care and if not it is better to not use it at all.

Here in Davao City, firecracker ban has been practiced for more than ten years now. Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte implemented the strict law against pyrotechnics. The City of Davao enjoyed the zero casualty against firecracker.

This year Davao City Government with the participation of Smart Communication, organize the 1st Torotot Festival. It will showcase the different types of torotot and make a records for the largest simultaneously blowing horn.

As a dabawenyo, I am lucky because I have a mayor who is very kind hearted and a good leader. He always see to it that his people is in good hands. Because of his dedication, he even ride or drive a taxi at night, to make sure that our city is peaceful. As a result, many cities and municipalities, adopted the different ordinances like women development code, liquor ban, smoking ordinance and the firecracker ban. No wonder, he is very famous not only in the Philippines but also in other country. 

For me as blogger who is born here in Davao City, everytime I go to different places, I will always carry the word Davao. There was a time when I was in Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro, Dumaguete, Dipolog and even Siquijor, they asked me 'Where did I come from?', I told them with a 'taas noo', 'my place is Davao City'. And the only response and the only person they know is no other than, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Today, I celebrate new year with 'torotot' together with my wife and two lovely daughters. Merry Christmas & a happy 2014 everyone.

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