Saturday, August 4, 2012

Calinan is about 27 Kilometers from Downtown of Davao City. The only public transportation in the area is L300 van, Annil Bus and Public Jeepney. The fare from Davao City to Calinan is Php40.00 pesos and Calinan to Davao City is Php45.00. Calinan was named as Durian Capital of Davao City. It is home of our Philippine Eagle and the famous Malagos Garden Resort.

It was in 1916 when Paulino Naraval, a public school teacher, came to settle in what is now known as Calinan. Prior to that, the Bagobos led by Datu Abeng were known to be the early inhabitants of the wilderness.
It was in early 1920s when changes were introduced with the arrival of Cipriano Villafuerte Sr. He initiated the establishment of institutions and the construction of infrastructure. Besides, he encouraged the tribal leaders to organize communites. Villafuerte crafted the foundations of the populace.

Calinan in Progress

LTH Building
LTH Building is owned and managed by the famous businessman in Calinan LUIS T. HAO. This commercial building will serve as the new land mark in calinan. Some of the establishments here are coming from the City like, Helens Pawnshop, Naiibang Tindahan, Rubi Appliance and soon to open is Allied Bank & Jollibee.

NCCC Supermarket
NCCC Supermarket is one of the big supermarket and department store in Calinan. This building is former Great Mart Center and owned by Narciso Tan, One of the businessman in Calinan.

Calinan Public Market or Cipriano "ToTo" Villafuerte Public Market is the center of trade in Calinan.

2 storey building under construction & Felcris Supermarket
Emcor Calinan
Kabawan sa Calinan

If you're planning to go in Calinan dont forget to drop and dine at Kabawan. This restaurant offers carabao, cow and goat dishes.

FattMatts Restaurant
Former IBOWL

Come & See the Silent progress of Calinan and you can feel the hospitable people. Eating Durian will surely satisfy your visit.



  1. I like ur page...advertising localities... I hope u can also visit nearby districts of calinan like marilog and some barrios there...I know u'l be amazed by the coldness...the rivers, waterfalls, mountains and flowers...god bless!

  2. I miss this place. Looking forward to a homecoming very soon God willing.

  3. Go go go Calinan...2 thumbs up to the officials of the barangay




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