Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It has been a month since the last day of filing of candidacy for the 2016 Presidential Elections. The time when many Davaoeneos were left heart broken as Mayor Duterte declared that he was not running for President.

The little light of hope in my heart was rekindled as Mayor Duterte announced in a local tv program that he was finally running for President for 2016 and it's inevitable that Duterte haters felt otherwise.

Some people might say that his being indecisive is not good for his image, that his indecisiveness will not make a good leader. Indecisive? Davao City will not be what it is right now without Mayor "Digong". Davao City became what it is from what it was because of the endless effort of our good mayor. He made the city peaceful and safe for everyone. It is safe because you can never be harassed even if you flash your most updated gadget, or even expensive jewelries in any public places. To make it more safe, he established the ever first Central 911 Emergency unit in the Philippines, and the best part is, its free of charge. Taxi drivers in Davao are the most polite and honest drivers because they always charge and give change exactly as what their meters reflect. 

These are just some of the many best things he had contributed in the city of Davao and I dare those who don't believe to book the next earliest flight to Davao and experience the life in Davao. Just a reminder, please don't smoke anywhere, you might end up eating a burning cigarette in public or simply end up in jail with Mayor Duterte as your escort.

For his haters and bashers, If you don't want our mayor, we would gladly not share it to those who don't like his way of leadership. These people does not deserve a dedicated leader like Mayor Duterte. If you don't believe, you don't deserve a peaceful life we are living here in Davao City.



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