Friday, January 4, 2013

Its already 12 noon and my stomach is already complaining. By asking from some people in the city I was able to go to the best restaurant in Tandag, the GoldBar Restaurant. The restaurant was perfectly situated facing the Pacific Ocean . The owner created a platform by the seaside for customers to get a breeze of sea air while enjoying their meal.

I was tired that day because of my experiences from riding a motorcycle and a long standing position ride in the bus. The place was nice. If I were living here, along the Coast of the sea, it would be a perfect place. In addition, the hospitality and the simplicity of the people has made the experience worth remembering.

As I waited for my order, I was able to take pictures from the ocean facing the restaurant. The simple life of Tandaganons inspired me to promote the City.

At last my order was served. Since I'm in a tight budget, I ordered pork barbecue, 2 cup of rice and a bottle of softdrink just to fill my stomach.

 I also noticed each level of the building were uniquely named. The 3rd floor was labeled as Luzon, 2nd floor- Visayas and the 1st floor was Mindanao. This three-storey restaurant is famous in Tandag because it boasts Filipino cuisine and culture. Some of their best-sellers include Crispy Pata, various seafood dishes like King Crab and Prawns and the classic Halu-Halo.

So, when you visit Tandag City, don't forget to dine at GoldBar Restaurant located at Mabua facing the ocean. They offer classic Filipino ambiance.



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