Tuesday, October 23, 2012

If you are looking for a cozy, affordable and nature-themed isolated resort in Samal Island, I would recommend Seagrass Beach resort to be the ideal one. Located in Barangay San Miguel, Penaplata, IGACOS, just an hour drive from Babak Port. Seagrass Resort is a small spot with complete amenities suitable for weekend overnight trips and day tour.

This resort has accommodation facilities like closed air-conditioned rooms, open cottages and small huts located in its beachfront. The swimming pool placed above the information center also makes it unique while the elongated bamboo bridge going to the deeper sea is fantastic.

The place is strategically located in a secluded section of Samal Island and this retained its exclusive appeal which is great for chilling out and relaxing.

 It flaunts its bewitching swimming pool that you can enjoy splurging during your visit.


Entrance Fee
Adult (ages 12 and up) - Day Tour (Php80.00) Overnight (Php150.00)
Kids (ages 3-11) - Day Tour (Php40.00) Overnight (Php80.00)
Note: kids 0-2 years old is free of charge

Swimming Pool Fee - Php100.00/head (Adults/Kids)


Small Kubo (1-5 persons) - Day Tour (Php500.00) Overnight (Php750.00)
Medium Kubo (6-12 persons) - Day Tour (Php650.00) Overnight (Php1,000.00)
Large Kubo (13-20 persons) - Day Tour (Php950.00) Overnight (Php1,200.00)
Floating Kubo - Day Tour (Php1,000) Overnight (1,500.00)
Mini Function/Coffee Shop - Day Tour (Php2,000.00) Overnight (Php2,500.00)


- Good for 2 persons 
- With Air-con
- Colored TV with cable
- Hot & Cold Shower
- Free breakfast for 2
- Free use of swimming pool for 2
(Each room can accommodate up to 6 persons)
(Extra person - Php380.00/head with extra foam, pillow, beddings and blanket)


Small Tent (2-3 persons) - Php250.00
Medium Tent (4-6 persons) - Php350.00
Large Tent (8-12 persons) - Php750.00
Canopy (open tent) with table and chairs - Php250.00


Softdrinks - Php250.00 per case
Beer - Php250.00 per case
Lechon - Php300.00 each


105 Lausing Bldg., Door 2 Roxas Ave., Davao City
Tel no. (082) 224-0116/(082) 284-0159
Telefax: (082) 224-1392
Mobile: 0927-8350299
Email Address: seagrassresort@ymail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/seagrassresort



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