Thursday, October 25, 2012

To continue my trip on my 3rd day, I conquered Davao del Norte, particularly in the Municipality of New Corilla. A lot of my friends told me to visit the Matin-ao Inland Resort because of its natural spring that flows to the swimming pool.  Matin-ao Inland Resort is one of the most visited resort in New Corella, since it is being operated and owned by a private stakeholder. They have swimming pools for kids, adults and for the middle-aged as well. 

Outside the resort
When we arrived together with my tour guide, I was amazed by landscape outside the resort.

Bamboo Cottage
When I entered the resort, I saw the linings of the cottages.

1st Pool/Adult Pool
1st pool/Opposite side
My question was answered, It is true that this resort is amazing, the large pool for adults is perfect for relaxing and the best part is the pool is covered by a net with plants on top which gives a relaxing and cool feeling.

2nd Pool/Teen Pool
The slide
On the second upper part of the resort is the swimming pool with slides, it is perfect for kids and teens.

3rd pool/Kiddie pool
This is the 3rd upper part of the resort. This area is perfect for families that has kids.The paintings on the walls are perfect for every child's imagination .


Overnight Cottages

Concrete tables & chairs

Dressing area
How to get there

Tagum City Overland Transport Terminal

Bus to New Corella

From Tagum City Overland Transport Terminal I rode a mini bus bound to Poblacion New Corilla, Its about 25 to 30 minutes of ride. I paid Php30.00 pesos. When I reached the Poblacion, I negotiated for a motorcycle ride, (Thank you to my co-workers at ONB, for the assistance and in giving the best driver).

Entrance Fee:
  • 35 per head (3 years above) free use of 5 pools
  • Kubo - Php350.00 (15 persons - consumable for 12 hours)
  • Concrete Table - Php250.00 (6 persons - consumable for 12 hours)
  • Super Big Room - Php3,500.00 (24 hours) Php3,000.00 (12 hours) Unlimited Person
  • Big Rooms - Php1,700.00 (24 hours) Php1,500.00 (12 hours) Unlimited Person
  • Regular Rooms - Php1,500.00 (24 hours) Php1,200.00 (12 hours) Unlimited Person
  • Small Rooms - Php1,200.00 (24 hours) Php1,000.00 (12 hours) Unlimited Person
Function Hall:
  • Mess Hall - Php6,000.00 (12 hours) Maximum of 200 person
  • Old Canteen - Php5,000.00 (12 hours) Maximum of 120 Person
  • Front Canteen - Php4,500.00 (12 hours) Maximum of 100 Person
  • Function Aircon - Php5,000.00 (12 hours) Maximum of 35 Person
  • Lechon - Php200.00 per case
  • Softdrinks - Php40.00 per case
  • Hard drinks - Php40.00 per case




  1. Replies
    1. Wow! kanindot ba! diha ko nag high school sa New Corella....How about the Peace & Order Situation diha? Safe ba ang mag Tour Diha? Just asking... :)

  2. How to get there if ur from davao.? The rates are still the same as last year.? Thanks po hope to hear from u.

  3. Nice place... safe po ba mag overnight. Dyan...???

  4. Yes! Matin-ao Inland Resort is great place for family bonding.
    Visit Now! to enjoy with your family.

  5. Aizzzz...ganda n nang matin ao last punta nmin jan is 2014 p suuuuppper nice place good especially family bonding...

  6. Safe po mabait din yung mga taohan tsaka mag eenjoy k talaga sa place n yan .mura lang yung mga food nila.

  7. hi,pwede po ba kaming magdala ng sarili naming food




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