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El Nido, Palawan is an Island about 420 kms southwest of the capital of the Philippines Manila and 238 kms northeast of Puerto Princesa, Palawan’s capital. El Nido is named after the edible nests of Swiftlets (Collocalia Fuciphaga) found in the crevices of its limestone cliffs.  These nests, “nido” in Spanish, are the main ingredient for the gourmet nido soup otherwise known as birds nest soups a highly sort after dish in Asia with supposed remedies.

Due to it’s natural beauty, El Nido has become a favorite destination for Island hopping, water activities and just enjoying the sheer magnificence of one of the most beautiful regions of South East Asia.

El Nido Philippines has over 50 beaches to discover and spotted through out the region are the most beautiful lagoons with tranquil turquoise-green water, caves that can take you to hidden beaches, and a very diverse variety of wildlife.

Cadlao Island - Of all the islands in El Nido, Cadlao has the highest peak at 609 meters above sea level. It is the largest island, with a land area of 1,006 hectares. Cadlao Island is known for its white sand beaches, hidden lagoons, and its lush forest cover. Cadlao Island is one of the best places to snorkel.

Pasandigan Beach - The beach in Pasandigan is an area for snorkelling, swimming, and picnic lunches during island-hoping trips.

Nat Nat Beach & Bucal Beach - With its many attractions, it is possible to spend the entire day at the island beaches of Bacuit Bay. The long stretch of white sand beach is perfect for sunbathing and offers the best view of the sunset. In the waters fronting the beach are clusters of coral reefs that make Pangulasian a good snorkelling and diving site.

Paradise Beach - with its fine white sand beach lined by coconut trees, is a perfect example of a tropical island. Paradise beach is a favorite place for picnics. Right off the beach is a good swimming site, especially for beginners. Dive sites are located in the west and south sides of the island.

Other Things to Do

Sea Kayaking – Hire a Kayak and explore for yourself and I am sure you will have no difficulties finding your own slice of heaven on your own secluded beach.

Wind Surfing – is another water activity you can partake in. From learners classes to the more experienced, all skill levels are catered for.

Rental Motorbike or Car- There are many areas outside of El Nido town to explore and either a 4×4 car or motorbike is a great way to venture inland and explore the hot springs, waterfalls and tropical forests which abound with wildlife.   A fun planned day activity.

Mountain Biking – A healthy way to discover El nido is by renting  a mountain bike to explore out of town and around the island at your own pace.

Restaurants and Places to Eat

There are many different restaurants which cater for the tourist’s stomach. You will find that the best food is eating the  local specialty, seafood You will find restaurants which are influenced by cuisines from all over the world such as, French and Italian so in general you will not have a problem finding what you are after, a small diner next to the sea shore to have a bite to eat.


Accommodation is plenty in El Nido. In most cases you will not have any issues finding a room to stay though if you are expecting to visit in the peak seasons between DEC-FEB and the traditional Easter Holiday then I would advise that you book ahead via the internet or phone ahead as you may struggle to find a room to bed for the evening.


The dry season is from around November to May with temperatures above 30 degrees centigrade and rain is rare. The most popular tourist times in El Nido are Christmas and Easter.

Water Temperature

The average water temperature ranges from 24ºC to 26ºC during the months of December to March and 26ºC to 29ºC during the months of April to November.

Water Visibility

Water visibility ranges from 3 meters to 10 meters from December to February, 10 meters to 30 meters from March to May, and 10 meters to 15 meters from June to November. The best time for diving at El Nido is during the months of March to May, as surface conditions are good.

A number of bars offer different entertainment including billiard, dancing, live music, karaoke, and of course along the beachfront the chance to unwind and watch the beautiful view as the day comes to a close.

There are many eccentricities to El Nido, for example the electric power is 2pm to 6am. Also you will not find any banks here, although you can change foreign currency and travellers cheques at a couple of places albeit at an increased rate. Credit cards are accepted only in a few places. There are also no telephone lines so communication is mostly via mobile phones plus there are many internet cafe’s scattered around the town.


Two airlines offer direct flights to El Nido; there are at least 2 flights every day. The road out of the town is serviced by 4 buses a day going to the capital of the Palawan, Puerto Princesa City. There are also jeepneys catering for shorter trips. One can also travel by boat direct to Manila from the Port situated in the bay.



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