Monday, November 9, 2015

It’s weekend and time for “Lakwatsa”. This time, I conquered the renowned place in Island Garden City of Samal called “Canibad”. I was curious because some of my friends told me that the place is like a paradise. I did not hesitate to include Canibad in my bucket list.

Around 6 o’clock in the morning when I left our house and rode a jeepney going to Sasa Wharf where the ferry terminal was located. I paid the entrance fee for Php5.00. The travel time to reach Babak Wharf is about 10 minutes. Upon arriving, many drivers were waiting to get clients or tourists who needed a tour guide and transportation. Since I am a veteran in travelling, I knew how to handle different drivers.

As I settled a contract with the driver, we departed the terminal at 7:30am. As we drove along the road, I noticed that the road going to Canibad was not cemented. It was an up and down rough road which was maintained by the local government.

After an almost one hour of travelling, finally we arrived to Canibad. I paid the ticket which was mandated by the city government of Samal. The drivers stopped at one of the developed resort in the area, The Secret Paradise. To reach the resort, I have to walk 155 steps going down. It was an easy walking since I don’t need to exert much effort but in my mind I knew that it would be a tough walk going back. When I reached the store of the resort, the lady told me to pay the entrance fee of Php30.00 for daytour.

Since I’m in a daytour mode, I did not need to pay the cottage. I placed my things in the vacant area near the beach. The heat of the sun did not hold me back to take pictures. Honestly, I was amazed when I saw the place. The white sand, green surroundings and most of all, the area was not yet fully developed, giving it a mother nature nurtured looking place.

After taking pictures along the beach, I transferred to another location where most people were swimming and taking pictures. I saw different corals and fish underneath the clear water. I also was a group of children catching fish called “tambasakan”. I was laughing because that’s my first time to see that kind of fish. I heard that name was from the song of renowned Bisayan artist singer Yoyoy Villame - “Si Felimon”. 

When I crossed from the other side of the beach, I was astounded upon seeing the hidden paradise of Canibad. From the clear water, beautiful corals, rock formations, the cliff, white sand, and different colors of pebbles, this made me realized that this place has something to offer and with the assistance of the local government, this place can be kept preserved.

 It was 11am when I decided to leave the area since I did not bring any food for my lunch. After taking a shower, I interviewed some of the caretakers, I prepared myself to walk the 155 steps going up. Honestly, It was a tough challenge for me since I don’t go to the gym at all to do a routine exercise. While walking, I recorded a video while my breath was getting rapid and shorter as I went up. I told myself, it was time to visit fitness gym for another challenging adventure.

Entrance Fee
Daytour - Php30.00
Overnight - Php50.00

Open Cottage
Daytour - Php300.00
Overnight - Php500.00

Boat Rental
Big (Capacity 7 persons) - Php300.00
Small (Capacity 5 persons) - Php100.00

Note: Bring your own Baon

Contact Details

0906-9032749 (Globe)
0999-7926076 (Smart)
(082) 284-6233 (Landline)



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