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Following our cruise in the lake, our tour guide showed us the way to another resort experience. This time, we are heading to Punta Isla Lake resort, one of the famous resorts in the island. 

Punta Isla Lake Resort is one of the pioneering resorts in Lake Sebu. The resort has been operating for more than a decade now. It started as a private family vacation house. The owner decided to turn it to a public resort upon seeing the area’s potential to become a tourist attraction of Lake Sebu.

Upon entering the resort, we were welcomed by their very accommodating staff and gave us a tour around the area. Some of us had a chance to take pictures of their souvenir shop since it was located near the entrance. A very interesting Barbie doll dressed in T’boli costume caught my attention and amused me as well. They also sell key chain, bracelet, printed t-shirt, T’boli dresses, mugs and other handmade souvenirs. 

The resort is situated along the edge of the lake which makes it more attractive to the visitors. Good landscape and attractive garden makes the resort more relaxing to spend time. I experienced the scenic view of the lake and the infinite trees and plants surrounded the area. 

Just like other resort in Lake Sebu, Punta Isla Lake Resort offers floating restaurant at the lake. Guests will enjoy their dine while feeling the fresh air around the lake. Fishermen around the lake adds excitement while in the resort knowing that the lake breeds a lot of edible fish species like tilapia, hito and other fresh water fishes.

The resort is famous in serving delicious and unique cuisines. This resort offers more than 20 tilapia delicacies with affordable rates. More guests choose to come back after tasting their food for the reason that they present wide selection of menu. Recently, the artist Drew Arellano of GMA 7 featured this resort by tasting and discovering how to cook tilapia.

As we visited the resort, for our Eco Cultural Experience Tour, they already presented their best menu of different tilapia dishes with a unique style of presentation. Kesuna, Pinausukang tilapia, and  Sinanglay were among the unusual name of Tilapia dishes. They also serve shake and mix of fruits placed in a “Duyan” . Throughout our visit, the manager, who at the same time was also the daughter of the owner, were with us. Lots of questioning and fun filled sharing of knowledge was experienced on this trip. 

After our dinner, a presentation, which was also one of the attractions of this resort, was made by the members of T’boli dancers. It was a great opportunity to witness the different culture and tradition of T’boli Tribe. It made me realised the importance in preserving once ethnicity and culture. The resort took their part in preserving the T’boli culture by showing the treasure of the island to their guests.

It was a great experience to visit Punta Isla Lake Resort, I enjoyed it a lot, from their amenities to the food they served. Lastly, to be able to discover and appreciate what the resort can offer to their guests.

Punta Isla Lake Resort is located at the tip of Sitio Toku-ful, Brgy. Poblacion Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.

Other Activities
  • Dine at Floating Restaurant and Open Cottages
  • Overnight Stay in Private Rooms and T'boli Houses
  • Take a tour on the Lake and it's Neighboring Islands
  • Meet and Greet the Natives and watch their Cultural Shows
  • Taste their Famous Tilapia Specialty Dishes
  •  Enjoy Souvenir Shopping from beaded accessories and take home ethnic necklaces and bracelets.
  • Swimming Pool
  • Rooms for Overnight 
  • Boating  
  • Kayaking
  • Conference Hall
  • Floating Restaurant
  • Cultural Shows
  • Souvenir Shop

Boating - Php 500.00 per trip (maximum of 20 persons)

How to get there?

By Air
1 hour and forty five (45) minutes flight using Manila-General Santos-Manila direct flight or Fifty five (55) minutes flight using Cebu-GeneralSantos-Cebu Route with connecting flights from key cities when you are in the Visayas. 

By Land - Bus Ride
From Davao City Overland Transport Terminal, ride a bus going to Gensan (There are 2 bus companies plying to Gensan, Holiday Bus and Yellow Bus Line). A 3-hour ride for 1-stop Digos regular aircon and less than 3 hours for executive class bus.

Another 2-hour ride by bus from General Santos to Surallah, South Cotabato which is the jump off point to Lake Sebu. 

Land - Jeepney/Van
One (1) hour ride by jeepney/van from Surallah to Poblacion Lake Sebu.


Executive Class | Davao – Gensan – P300.00
Regular Aircon | Davao – Gensan – P190.00
Regular Bus | Gensan - Marbel - P80.00
Regular Bus | Marbel - Surallah - P30.00
Van | Surallah - Lake Sebu - P50.00

If you need a tour guide in visiting Lake Sebu, kindly contact Roy Ungkal, accredited by Municipal Tourism of lake Sebu.
Cellphone no. 09066931745

For Reservations you can call or contact them at: 
Some information courtesy of www.facebook.com /PUNTA-ISLA-LAKE-RESORT 



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