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After our courtesy call with Mayor Antonio Fungan of Lake Sebu, we’re back to our van for a 15-minute travel to Mountain Lake Eco-Resort. This resort was the first stop for our 3-day Lake Sebu Eco-Cultural Tour. We were warmly welcomed by their staff, four stunning ladies dressed in T’boli costume, together with their manager. It was my first time to meet a person wearing a T’boli costume and I took the opportunity to take pictures with them. 

The resort was full of serenity as my eyes wandered the place. The area was sheltered by many trees and various plants. The view of the lake kept me calm while feeling the gentle wind touching my skin. At some point, my attention was caught by a group of fishermen, riding a traditional boat. They were catching fish in the lake using a fishnet. This scene adds attraction to the resort knowing that traditional fish catching are seldom seen nowadays. As an innovation, fish cages were also visible in the vicinity were most locals consider it as a source of living. 

The best part of this journey was cruising in the lake. It thrilled me when the tour guide finally told us that we will be riding a boat to cruise the lake.  Food was served while we were riding the boat, just in time to fill my hungry stomach after a very long trip. The resort serves different dishes like tinolang manok and their signature recipes of tilapia. Honestly, I am not tilapia lover but when I tasted it, it was not as bad as I imagined it will be, it was delicious and it kept me crave for more. A dine like that was never complete without a dessert or “panghimagas”. They served a plate of pineapple slices and pineapple shake. South Cotabato is famous because of the wide pineapple plantation. 

Y'egas (The chanting queen of Lake Sebu)

After taking our lunch, we were entertained by a presentation of famous T’boli dancers and accompanied by a music played with the use of T’boli instruments.  I really appreciated how they showed that their culture was kept preserved through this performance in a group of guests. It was a great experience to observe the different ethnicity and learn about the tale of the lake. Legend has it that Lake Sebu originated from a spring guarded by a mystical frog. They say that a mortal angered the guardian frog and because of this, water continuously poured out of the spring until a lake was formed.

I felt so relaxed and astound at the same time with the scenery while touring around the lake. The traditional houses of the T’boli captured my eyes as I gazed at the lakeside because it was new to me. Most of their houses nearest to the lake were mostly made of bamboo. The tour guide drew my attention and pointed at the mountain which figure resembles a crocodile.

The 35-minute cruise ended and we were back to the resort to check their accommodation and facilities. Sincerely, I was stunned by their rooms because the structure of the house was pattern by a T’boli house. The cleanliness and affordability of their rooms were the reasons why guests never fail to stay here whenever they are in Lake Sebu.

Another thing that I really appreciated in this resort was the source of their electricity. They are using Solar panel to run the entire resort. 

If you want to experience ECO (Environment Friendly, Culturally Conscious, Orientated Travel) Mountain Lake Eco Resort is the best place to visit to celebrate with nature. Situated along the Lakeshore at Barangay Bacdulong, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.

How to get there?

By Air
1 hour and forty five (45) minutes flight using Manila-General Santos-Manila direct flight or Fifty five (55) minutes flight using Cebu-GeneralSantos-Cebu Route with connecting flights from key cities when you are in the Visayas. 

By Land - Bus Ride
From Davao City Overland Transport Terminal, ride a bus going to Gensan (There are 2 bus companies plying to Gensan, Holiday Bus and Yellow Bus Line). A 3-hour ride for 1-stop Digos regular aircon and less than 3 hours for executive class bus.

Another 2-hour ride by bus from General Santos to Surallah, South Cotabato which is the jump off point to Lake Sebu. 

Land - Jeepney/Van
One (1) hour ride by jeepney/van from Surallah to Poblacion Lake Sebu.


Executive Class | Davao – Gensan – P300.00
Regular Aircon | Davao – Gensan – P190.00
Regular Bus | Gensan - Marbel - P80.00
Regular Bus | Marbel - Surallah - P30.00
Van | Surallah - Lake Sebu - P50.00

If you need a tour guide in visiting Lake Sebu, kindly contact Roy Ungkal, accredited by Municipal Tourism of lake Sebu.
Cellphone no. 09066931745

For more details visit  

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