Friday, March 15, 2013

The Deca Wakeboard Park was opened to the public in August 28, 2009. This is the first and only wakeboarding facility in Mindanao. But since the opening of this resort, this my first time to see the entire facility, eventhough I always pass by area. I remember when I was inquiring at Deca Homes, the wakeboard resort was just started constructing.

When I entered the resort, I was amazed by the man-made lake. This resort has become one of the top wakeboarding destinations, and is considered to be one of the biggest wakeboarding facility in the Philippines.

The main office of the resort

Hightech Cable System

The Park features state-of-the-art overhead cable system that catapults wakeboarders around the facility at varying speeds. Ramps and slides are strategically situated around the lake to provide wakeboarders more daring acrobatic challenges and fun at the same time. 

I enjoyed watching to the professional and non-professional wakeboard player. I appreciated the trick they do in every humps of the lake they pass. From reversing and jumping and still holding the rope. When I visited the area, I was not able to try because I have no extra clothes and that time I have no companion. Instead, I enjoyed watching other people doing tricks while wakeboarding.

Lifeguards are always on standby to provide safety to the riders. The riders are strictly required to wear vests, and helmets at all times for safety. Beginners are thoroughly briefed before they are allowed to ride.

Jump Off Ramp

Board for sale

Boot for sale

Deca Wakeboard Park aims to make it even bigger especially on the international arena. The developers are reportedly keen on constantly developing the park’s overall facilities to suit international competitive standards. number of amenities around the park to accommodate enthusiasts and visitors in style; expect a multitude of restaurants, sport shops and massage centers to bloom in the area.

Riding rates & packages

Deca Wakeboard Park, is located in Brgy. Tacunan, Mintal, Davao City. That would be some 20 minutes away from Davao’s downtown.

How to get to Deca Wakeboard Park

From Bankerohan, you can choose to ride a Van, the Annil Bus or a Jeepney going to Mintal area. Just tell the conductor to drop you at tricycle terminal bound to the resort.

Bankerohan to Mintal - Php20.00
Mintal to Deca Wakeboard Resort - Php10.00 



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