Thursday, January 10, 2013

When I was in a ride going to Tinuy-an Falls, I noticed the big lake. According to my tour guide, It was LAKE 77, a vibrant name with historical significance and soul-searching meaning. Lake 77 is a man-made lake containing 77 hectares of land constructed by then PICOP Resources Incorporated to provide adequate water supply for its paper plant operation. The City government decided to develop lake 77 as new tourist destination, a potential source of employment, livelihood and revenue generation.
But sad to say that this lake is not already functional because the Government will no longer use the area as a tourist destination (I dont know the real story). But because I am a nature lover, I was able to check the area and took some pictures to see the beauty of this lake.

I noticed the group of people inside the cottage. They were enjoying singing in the videoke while drinking beer.

When I saw the area, I felt sad because its like an abandoned Island. I hope the government will have the initiative to revive the area as tourist destination. It would be a big help especially to the people in the place. They can be employed and make business in that area.



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