Thursday, October 18, 2012

My two-day trip to Surigao Del Sur started at Tinuy-An Falls. Its monday morning, I took a bus ride from Davao Overland Transport Terminal. I asked the drivers where I can ride a bus for Bislig City. The drivers suggested to take the Mangagoy Bus. I paid Php257.00 and took a nap.

When we reached Moncayo, part of Compostela Valley Province, the conductor told us to take our breakfast at Moncayo Stop over restaurant.

On my way, I was amazed with the motorcycle with roof and side by side chair. This kind of vehicle is called "Sky Lab" which is very popular in the province of Compostela Valley and neighboring area of Surigao & Agusan.

As we reached Sta.Maria, Surigao Del Sur, We encountered a delay along the road because the truck, which was on flat tire, blocked the road. We needed to stop for a few minutes and wait the truck to be fixed.

After Sta. Maria, you will encounter a rough road which was approximately 5 to 10 kilometers going to Bislig City. But some portion of the road already started constructing. (I suggest that you have to take the bus going to San Franz and take the bus going to Mangagoy).

When I reach Bislig City, Some of the driver tried to convince me to take the ride going to Tinuy-an Falls. When we were settled with the right price, the driver brought me to the area. Before reaching Tinuy-an Falls, another rough road experience welcomed me. The road is maintained by the local Government Unit of Bislig. Its about 30 minutes before you reach the area.

Arriving the area, I was entertained by a lady name Weng, she asked me to pay Php50.00 entrance fee and asked me to write my name on the logbook. The people of the Tinuy-an falls was very accommodating.

The place was quiet at that time because its Monday and it was not peak season for visitors and tourists.

When I saw the water flowing from the top of the mountain, I was amazed and I said to myself that "sa wakas narating ko din ang lugar na ito". It was a dream come true to see the beauty of the falls.

I rode a "Balsa" to take a chance to see the flowing water closer and took photos, thru the help of my tour guide name Mang Dodong.

Mang Dodong told me to go upstairs where the upper falls was located. Before you reach the area, you have to climb for almost 100 stairs.

When I reached the place, I was stunned by the the incredible flowing of water. If only I have more time, for sure, I will definitely swim and play the water.

On the top, you will see the beauty of nature. Truly, Tinuy-an experience was definitely one of the best adventure I had. 



  1. nice one bro. bitin ako sa visit ko dyan last month. i was never able to see and experience the upper tiers. i will be back there to complete the experience, for sure.
    keep the travelogues coming. cheers!

    1. Thanks sir louie, maganda talaga ang tinuy-an falls, sayang lang kasi hindi gaanong malakas ang current ng water,by the way if may adventure kayo sir, sama niyo naman an ako, hehe, tnx sir Louie, GOD BLESS.

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  3. Hi Bryan nice pics and I love the story :)




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