Sunday, September 30, 2012

This little island called Passig Islet is one of Davao del Sur's treasures. Little is known about the Passig Islet Aqua-Eco Park, but this is nestled at the waters of Sta. Cruz town in the province of Davao del Sur, barely 30 kilometers southwest of Davao City. From Davao City you can take a bus going to Digos City, you can tell the driver to drop you off at Barangay Bato, (so before you get on the bus, better ask the driver first if he knows where the place is) it would take about 45 minutes if you ride the bus.

My video leading to the Islet

(Entrance from the highway)

Upon reaching Barangay Bato, the driver would drop you off in Bato Gym (its an open court basketball gym) you make walk about 2 minutes to reach the entrance gate of Passig Islet.

(Entrance to the Islet)

(Footbridge going to the pumpboats)


Then you would take a short walk on their Foot bridge surrounded by Mangrove trees before reaching the pump boat that would take you the the Islet.

(Docking area)

(The view of Passig Islet from the Dock)


From the dock you can already see the view of the Passig Islet, the pump boat that you will be riding has a capacity of 6-8 persons, the fare would be 20-25 pesos per head, but the fare you'll be paying is already good for back and fourth, but take note guys you better take the pump boats driver cellphone number so you can contact him in case you already want to go back so he can fetch you. 

(Entrance to the resort)

(Low Tide)

It was low tide when I arrived, so I opted not to swim anymore and explore the island instead. I find the islet very family-oriented, a good place for your “barkada” to hang out, for family reunions or if one just want to escape the chaotic city. 

(Large Cottage (P500.00)

(Medium Cottage (P250.00)

(Small Cottage (P150.00)

Passig Islet is truly another white sand, though not very fine sand, offering of South Davao. People can enjoy a relaxing sound of the waves, view of the sea, view of the mangrove trees, the white sand, people playing beach volley, people bathing and eating.

Me & Gov. Douglas Cagas

This Project is thru the initiative of  SB Member Didi Cagas (wife of Gov. Douglas Cagas) for the recent gains in attracting tourists and visitors to the province and the “possibilities of bringing in ventures, investments, financial, technical and promotional support”.




  1. wlang contact number ba dun?

  2. Got to admit.. Ganda ng resort Island na ito pag sa malayo... Pag dating ko dun sa island mismo.. DONT EXPECT too much. Beach front and sand is not good...




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