Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It was a wet sunday morning when I visited the famous Mang Kado's Store as part of our events in Malagos for the 1st Blog Weekend Bootcamp located at Malagos Garden Resort. The store was part of the props which the performer, the lecturer and the trainer used for their show.

The place was filled with parents and children from Cotabato who was on their fieldtrip. The children was amazed by the act of the flying birds.

Dr. Roberto "Bo" Puentespina

The man behind the show was no other than is Mr. Roberto Bo Puentesfina, a veterinarian who talks about eagles, owls and other birds.

When the show started, I noticed the two white pigeon in the stage. It made me laugh when I saw the tv props, "Pegion Pellets". It was the best part of the show.

The trick started with the red parrot shooting the ball to the basket like Cobe Bryant.

To lessen the pollution why not take a bike just what the parrot did.

The other parrot pulled the string of the bell to make a noise.

I was shocked when the eagle unlocked the button of the tarpaulin and showed it to the guest to remind the Republic Act 10121.

I enjoyed watching the flying pigeon.

The crowd grew louder when they saw the tricks of the birds.

The laughter was even louder when the goose came out from their place when Dr. Puentespina said that the volcano erupted.

hahaha, was my reaction when a big Ostrich ran and sat in front the crowd.

"The flood" as what Dr. Puentesfina said.

Ignoring Republic Act No. 10121 is punishable by law.

The Persons behind Malagos Bird Show

Entrance Fee/Package

                                             Day Tour                       Adult                     Kids
                             Resort Admission                           100                          80
                               Ser Lunch Package                       275                        250
                         Packed Snacks Package                     175                         155
                     Entrance with Bird Show                        125                         100

For inquiries 0917-MALAGOS
Sales Office: 221-1545/2240173
Located at Brgy.Malagos, Baguio District, davao City



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