Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The newly opened resort in Brgy. Carmen Baguio Dist. Davao City is about 6 to 8 kilometers from Poblacion Calinan. When you enter Calinan Proper, you have to ride either motor/habal2x or Public utility Jeepney which costs about 60 to 100 pesos. The road is cemented and some portion of it is a rough road.

You will never notice that you have arrived the resort since there is no name stated at the entrance.The only thing you will see is the tarpaulin showing the entrance fee.


When you go down the stone stairs with about 220 steps, you can see and hear the wonderful rush of the river waters.It will be an easy walk going down but it would be a big challenge in going up.

The area feels like a virgin forest where you can feel the shivering coldness as if you are in Baguio City, although some neighboring area is occupied by Banana Plantation. You will experience the cold and clean water. The area is still developing, as of now they have two rooms for overnight stay.

How to Get There:

If you are from Downtown area (Davao City), you can ride a Jeepney/L300 Van/Annil bus en route to Calinan, just prepare around 40 pesos/person as a fare. Upon reaching Calinan Proper, you can hire a motorcycle for 100 pesos (good for 2, one-way) to take you to Carmen Resort, in Baguio District.

The entrance fee of the resort is 20.00 and you can go directly down to the cottages near the  pool but of course you have to go through the 300 steps (more or less) concrete stairs.

Come and visit the newly opened resort in Brgy. Carmen Baguio Dist. Davao City and you will experience the paradise
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