Friday, July 13, 2012

Bed of Rizal

A month after Rizal landed in Dapitan, a Spaniard from Manila brought lottery tickets to Dapitan to sell it. Dr. Jose P. Rizal, politico-military Governor Ricardo Carcinero and a Spaniard from Dipolog bought a ticket which fortunately won for them P20,000. Rizal share was about P6,200. He gave P2,000 to his beloved father and P200 to his friend in Hongkong named Basa. He invested the remaining money in business, bought lands and built houses in Talisay which is now popularly known as the Rizal Shrine.

Inside the House

Rizal's House

Rizal was housed in Casa Real when he arrived and later transferred to Talisay. His mother Doña Teodor Alonso, his sisters and some relatives and neighbors from Calamba, Laguna came to live with Rizal until 1896.

Rizal's Kitchen

Rizal Shrine is where Dr. Jose P. Rizal lived his life to the fullest. One of his ideals states that: “A life which is not consecrated to a great ideal is useless. It is a pebble lost in the field without forming part of an edifice”. Rizal was a paradigm of man with a mission. He was making the most out of his exile in Dapitan. He spent his 4 years living in as a physician, merchant, farmer, inventor, painter, sculptor, archaeologist, linguist, grammarian, teacher, architect, poet, biologist, composer, surveyor and environmentalist. He was also a father and brother to all Dapitanons and improved their lives. No wonder Dr. Jose P. Rizal is considered as Philippines’ National Hero. He is the “Jack of All Trades”.

Rizal's Kitchen



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