Saturday, June 9, 2012

The island of Siquijor is known for its pristine beaches and breathtaking landscape. It is infamous for its rich natural beauty as well as historic landmarks that still stood tall up to this day. There is a shroud of mysticism and tranquility within the island that people have come to visit. You can feel the fresh air rustling the leaves of the trees and the tropical weather makes it a perfect place to relax and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

One of the perfect spot to enjoy Siquijor is Cambugahay Falls. One of the island’s main attraction that even people within the island spend their time with their families to relax

Getting to the town of Lazi is easy since the town is one of the island’s biggest municipality. Going to Cambugahay Falls is nothing short of breathtaking. As you go up to the 2 kilometer road, you will be seeing the wonder that nature has granted Siquijor

Even though it is 2 kilometers away from the falls there is no worry of getting lost since you can always hire a motorcycle driver to get you to the place. You can negotiate with the motorcycle driver when it comes to fees. If you do have a car with you, road signs all point out straight to the falls. And if that does not help you, locals are willing to help by pointing you the way

Once you have reached the destination, you will have to walk down 135 stone steps without any guardrail after paying your parking cost of 10 to 20 pesos for cars and 5 to 10 pesos for motorcycles. There are two vendors in the area who will offer refreshments when you get back. One of which will collect the parking fee. There are no entrance fees for the falls

135 stones steps

By the time you are done climbing down the 135 stone steps, you are sure to enjoy the clear blue waters of the multi-tiered waterfalls that is Cambugahay. Clean and fresh water rush through each waterfall that flows down towards smaller lagoons



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