Friday, January 2, 2015

Visiting South Cotabato is incomplete without dropping by at Apareja Buko Halo Halo. Halo Halo is one among Filipino favourites. There are so many styles in preparing halo halo, from its ingredients to unique presentations inside a bowl or a goblet.

After our 3-day Eco Cultural Tour in lake Sebu, my Byaheng Mindanaw team agreed to pass by in Apareja Buko Halo Halo which was situated in Barangay Saravia, Koronadal City, South Cotabato. The halo halo, mixed with fresh young coconut meat, langka, banana, sweet potato, sago, ube, leche flan, ice cream, and other ingredients, were combined inside a freshly cut young coconut fruit or “buko”. This kind of halo halo preparation made Apareja Buko Halo Halo very famous.

After eating, my attention was caught to this guy who was slicing the buko which made their halo halo unique. A sharp bolo was directly cutting the buko and forming it into a bowl where all halo halo ingredients were mixed. It was a very edgy scene seeing the man doing his job. I was wondering whether this man had ever experienced cutting himself with his dangerous job. Having great skills and years of experience really made this man do his job so perfectly that everyone might think that his job was easy at first glance.

The owner of this resto made sure that every little detail in his business will not go into waste. As a part of his social and corporate responsibility, every empty buko shell was properly stored at the back of the resto. This was done as a preparation for it to be processed further into charcoal. Instead of it to be garbage, it will turn into profit, which will eventually lessen their volume of waste.

If I were visit South Cotabato again, I will definitely return to Apareja Buko Halo Halo.



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