Friday, September 27, 2013

Davao City is blessed with old structures because of the invasion of Japanese, Spaniards & Americans. When I passed by Rizal Street, I saw the old house and apparently it is now a restaurant. It used to be an ancestral home of the Oboza Family, a prominent family in the city, that turned into a landmark dining destination here in Davao.

It is nice to know that there are several structures such as old homes here that are preserved so as to be appreciated by the new generation at present time.

Old photos of the couple and antique items are decorated the restaurant interiors. The family’s patriarch Alfonso Obloza was the city’s first mayor, and that former Philippine Presidents Manuel L. Quezon and Manuel Roxas have visited here.

So, if you plan to visit to Davao, don't forget this restaurant to be part of your itinerary.  

Claude’s le Cafe de Ville is located at 29 Rizal Street | Paseo de Habana, Davao City
Tel. no. (082) 222 4287



  1. Love this place! Apart from the quality of food at Claude's, they also have excellent service! Would come back to this place in a heartbeat :)

    Hope you can visit my blog for my review of this place :)

  2. tagpila pud mukaon dire?




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