Wednesday, September 25, 2013

LandCo Tower

One of the reasons why Davao City is a good place to visit is of its low crime incidents. Davao has the friendly community, and is known to be typhoon free because the city is surrounded with mountains. These qualities make Davao City as one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines.

Davao is also one of the colored nightlife cities in the Philippines. There were many establishments and structures around the city. Malls and hotels were scattered and it was a vibrant color of lights surrounded the big city.

Corner Quirino & Sta. Ana

Arch Entrance/Sta. Ana

The Pinnacle Hotel/Fahrenheit Resto Sta. Ana Ave.

If you will visit Davao, Don't forget to visit these streets - Sta Ana Street where you can find live bands resto like Fahrenheit and J.P Laurel for shopping like in G-Mall and Abreeza. Victoria Mall is the oldest and you can find good products at a fairly low cost.

BBQ Bob Sta. Ana Ave.

Corner Sta. Ana Ave./near HCDC

San Pedro College

BBQ Stall infront of San Pedro College

San Pedro Hospital

The Peak (Gaisano Mall of Davao)

The Peak

View of Pinaccle Hotel/Metro Bank Building

View of Marco Polo Hotel (Photo taken from The Peak)

View of Mcdonalds Sta. Ana & HCDC new Building Construction

Sta. Avenue

San Pedro College (Photo taken from The Peak)

Gaisano Mall of Davao

Gaisano Mall of Davao

Food Hall (Gaisano Mall of Davao)

Edongs Restaurant (near G-Mall)

Corner J.P Laurel & F. Torres St.

Building beside EL Bajada Hotel

May Bank Building @ Pryce Business Park

McDonalds & LandCo @ J.P Laurel (near Victoria Plaza)

Front of Victoria Plaza

Near Victoria Plaza

Davao  is a lively cosmopolitan city and as such has a wide choice of nightlife. The options range from refined jazz clubs and piano bars, excellent restaurants with live music & concert events.



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