Wednesday, August 28, 2013

All I can say is, “I Love Davao”. CHEERS! To  my fellow Dabawenyos, and to Davao City, "My Hometown". Discover the different side of Davao City. Enjoy!

Along Quezon Boulevard/In-front of Almendras Gym

Bonifacio Monument near Colasas BBQ & Museo Dabawenyo

San Pedro Street In-front of City Hall

San Pedro Street

Quirino Avenue Going to Sta.Ana Ave. & J.P Laurel Ave.

Quirino Avenue near Sutherland & BSP

Front of BSP

Quirino Avenue near Davao Doctors Hospital

Ducati @ Palma Gil & Primo Cafe w/background Apo View Hotel

Kanto Palma Gil

UCCP Church Palma Gil

PLDT Ponciano

Freedom Park Monument Rotonda

Freedom Monument

Freedom Park

City Triangle near Freedom Park

Philippine Red Cross



  1. looking at these pictures really hit me so much! I really miss home and how I wish it was easy just to hop in a plane with no qualms of how much it costs and be there instantly... thank you for sharing these photos... i'm sobbing here because that's how miss my hometown... God Bless!


  2. thanks for sharing these pics. the city looks clean!

  3. Thank you for sharing these pictures. I miss my home City.

  4. The streets looks clean. I hope they can maintain them...

    Born and and grew up in this City...B Galeon

  5. my hometown...proud of it..




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