Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bantayan Festival is an annual re-enactment of the battle between the natives of Guimbal and the Muslim pirates. The theatrical dance format of the presentation incorporates the prop guimba, an ancient instrument of the Spanish Panayanons that resembled a drum and is beaten by hand to send messages from tower to tower to warn the community of an incoming raid. The bantayan and guimba were instrumental in securing their area for defense and to protect their peaceful community from Muslim marauders who were responsible for the looting of many communities and capturing the natives. The town was believed to have derived its name from guimba.

Different Activities:

  • Food Festival 
  • Agro Fair 
  • Opening Parade 
  • Drum and Float Competition 
  • Street Dancing Competition 
  • Search for Miss Bantayan Festival 
  • Disco Derby 
  • Boat Racing 
  • Porma Balas 
  • Pinta Lawas 
  • Fluvial Parade
  • Re-enactment of the Moro Raids 
  • the 7th Bantayan Video Festival 
  • Musical Concert Tribal Dance-Drama Competition 
  • Fireworks Competition.

The municipality of Guimbal is 29 kilometers east from the city of Iloilo. The town lies along the southern portion of the province and shares borders with Tigbauan on the east; on the northeast by Tubungan; Igbaras on the northwest; and west by Miag-ao. With a land area of 44.61 square kilometers it is politically subdivided into 33 barangays.



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