Friday, January 4, 2013

It is not my plan to go to Siquijor but because of my passion for travel, I had a strong feeling that I have to go in that Island. I was a bit nervous on that day because Siquijor is said to have magic potions, shamans, sorcerers and witches and a lot of Filipinos will not stay overnight on this island because of this superstition.

But when I asked the habal-habal driver if it is true that there so many witches in the Island, he replied with a laugh, he told me that is only a "sabi2x ng mga matatanda noon". He added that the most interesting in Siquijor is their tourist spot. My nervousness was gone when he explained it to me. I asked him where I can stay overnight. He brought me to the Swiss Stars Guest House & Restaurant a few distance from the Port.

The room is a typical type, there is a tv, aircon and two beds. This is the only available space when I arrived. This room is 400.00, it is perfect for people who have a tight budget like me.

It amused me when I saw the aircon inside the toilet, I have to open the toilet door for the aircon to cool the whole room :)

For me it just made the trip more exiting and I enjoyed my overnight stay in Siquijor.

Siquijor is only about an hour boatride from Dumaguete City. So it is easy to include Siquijor as a day trip from Dumaguete. Once you arrive on the island I suggest you talk to one of the local habal-habal drivers and have an arrangement with him to take you around the island and show you all the sights worth seeing there.



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