Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Pamulinawen Festival celebrates the city’s founding as well as the feast day of its patron saint, William of Maleval, who died on February 10 way back in the year 1157 AD. The festival’s highlight is a parade and a street-dance competition.

 Events happening in the city:

Miss ABS Coronation Night
Little Miss Laoag
Search for Manong Tricycle Driver
4x4 Competition
Gay Beauty Pageant
Ganda ng Lola Mo Pageant
High School and University Nights
Hawaii/California Nights

The most popular of the old songs of music-loving Ilocanos is the “Pamulinawen.” It is believed that it was created by an Ilocano troubadour of pre-Hispanic times who was inspired by the sweetness of an Ilocana. The maiden might have been resplendent with character traits cherished by the women of Ilocandia and for this reason the troubadour must have called her “Pamulinawen” which according to the text of the song is the sweetest and most illustrious names among Ilocanos of old.

Photo credit to Skycraper City


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