Monday, January 21, 2013

This area is the last trip of my Davao del Sur exploration. I am very curious of the place because of the trade mark as "Little Boracay".  Thus, the name  reminiscent of a part of the world-famous Boracay. The clear waters are inviting swimmers to take a dip while one end of the resort invites explorers to explore its rocky secrets.

Beach front

The resort has cottages facing the sea for day picnickers and those who would like to spend the night on the beach for as low as P75.00 to P400.00 per cottage. It has 10 airconditioned huts (good for 2pax), 15 day cottages, 6 units dormitory type cottages (good for 10 pax). It has a restaurant on site. It also caters seminar and training at the resort’s convention hall which can accommodate up to 100 persons.

Bunker type cottage

Square type cottage

Cone type cottage

Air-conditioned Room

This resort is very promising in terms of tourism industry. I love this place because of the simplicity of the beach. The peaceful community and the hospitable people. The area is small yet very attractive to those who want to stay overnight. Covered by a forest that gives the place relaxing.

View from the top

Most people in Sta. Maria are engage in fishing. The Island is abundant with different seafood which gives income to the people. In remote coastal barangays, pumpboats and bancas are used as transportation. 

Fish Seller


Little Boracay is an inexpensive travel destination for the people of Davao City and nearby cities as well.

Resort rates

The resort is located at Brgy. Sto. NiƱo, Sta. Maria Davao del Sur. It takes less than two hours (private vehicle) and 2 & a half hours (bus) to reach the place. If you have plans of visiting Little Boracay, you will take the bus going to Sta. Maria or Malita at Davao City Overland Transport Terminal, also known as Ecoland Bus Terminal. Sta. Maria's terminal is at the public market so from there you take the tricycle that will bring you directly to the resort.



  1. I also see the simplicity of the resort base on the photos.Though is just simple but it looks peaceful.Truly a "little boracay" as i can see.

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  2. Do I need to contact them for reservation?

  3. The place is ok but need improvements management in the area also need improvements very poor rate...




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