Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sambuokan Festival is the showcase of Mati’s diverse culture and tradition, sports and adventure. It is also an expression of thanksgiving. This is a weeklong celebration observed during the commemoration of the founding anniversary of the City of Mati every 29th of October . This festival is highlighted with neo-ethnic Indak-Indak-Streetdancing Competition, and fun-filled nightly activities. It is also characterized by investment and promotions as one of the major tourism event by establishing an annual tiangge sa sambuokan.

Sambuokan Festival marks its 12th year, generating thousands of visitors and guest from all over the country each year. Aside from merry-making and thanksgiving ceremonies, Sambuokan basically evolves its concept each year on the priority programs of the local  government that greatly benefit the people of Mati, with the support of various national agencies, people’s organization, academe, businessmen and private individuals.

For the past twelve years, Sambuokan has gained its ground through its strategies and projects that leaves a mark in the tourism industry as one of the alternative tourist destination in the country. Sambuokan is not just a festival but a manifestation of how government works for its constituents.


Photo credit to Mati City Facebook Page



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