Monday, October 8, 2012

KASINATIAN FESTIVAL derived from the Kadayawan sa Davao, Sinulog of Cebu, Ati-atihan of Aklan. Toril has emerged as Kasinatian, a thanksgiving event which takes place once a year during the district’s Pastoral Fiesta, honoring the feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. It is all about engaging the community into celebration through music, dances, artistic presentations, sports, fashion and most of all, prayers.

The main highlights of the Kasinatian Festival 2012 is the Indak-indak sa Dalan "Ati-Atihan". This street dancing competition took place at the main streets of Toril, Davao City last October 7, 2012 for the celebration of the parochial fiesta of the Lady of the Holy Rosary.

Six contingents finally unveil the months of perspiration, devotion and determination for an extravagant presentation of their entry. Local and foreign tourists were fascinated with the creativity and passion the performers unleashed.

The cultures and traditions the story line dictates were featured through mastered choreography and elaborative dances essential to the feats of the natives of Toril. For this reason, the rich culture and traditions of this district earned respect from the young generation as it is being rekindled through the tireless performers’ grace in dancing.

The KASINATIAN FESTIVAL is held every October in the Davao district of Toril.



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  1. hello... I would like to ask permission in using your pictures for a video for the Kasinatian Festival. If so, please dm me in this account :) thank you..




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