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Aside from being the fruit basket of the Philippines, Mindanao is also home of many tourist attractions that foreign and local travellers patronize. And one of those destinations is Lake Agco in the Province of North Cotabato.

One day, I went for a trip to Kidapawan City, the jump off point to Lake Agco. It was a fine morning when I left our house and headed to Davao Overland Transport Terminal. I rode the Weena Bus, the only bus plying to North Cotabato. Van was also available which was bounding to Kidapawan City. I preferred the bus so that I can enjoy the different scenery along the way. The fare costs Php150.00 while student fare discount costs only Php132.00. The travel time was more or less than 3 hours.

Kidapawan City

Jollibee Kidapawan

I arrived at Kidapawan City at exactly 9:30am. Since I did not take my breakfast, I dropped by Jollibee Kidapawan. I ordered 1 pc. Chicken Meal just enough to fill my tummy to survive another long day of adventure.

Terminal going to Lake Agco

After eating, I rode a tricycle and asked the driver to drop me at the terminal going to Lake Agco. There were two modes of transportation going to the lake, hire a van, which was quite costly, or ride a habal-habal motor. Since I have a budgeted travel, I choose habal-habal as my mode of transport. I paid Php170.00 for one way ride only since there were also terminal in lake Agco going to Kidapawan Proper. The road going to lake Agco was pretty good because the concrete road was maintained by the city government of Kidapawan. Eventhough some parts of the road were not yet fully constructed, which caused a bit of a bumpy ride, the driver was able to manage his smooth driving despite some difficulties.

I had some conversation with the driver. I learned from him that the electricity and water near Lake Agco were free to use. They don’t experience brownout because they were near a hydroelectric Power Plant. The famous Mount Apo was already near that place and Lake Agco was one of the famous hot springs.

Parking Area

It was already raining when I arrived safely at Lake Agco. I directly went to Lake Agco Mahomanoy Mountain Resort. I paid 25 pesos for the entrance fee for day tour, but if you stay overnight you have to pay 35 pesos. The place was fully loaded with people since it was a Saturday. Many visitors were enjoying their swim despite the rain. According to the locals, it rains most of the time here because the place was elevated and it was covered with so many trees considering that this was a protected area.

Hotspring Pool


What makes this place more interesting? The hotsprings that surrounds it. Many visitors were enjoying the hot water coming from the spring; it was perfect for the cold weather.

Open cottages and close cottages for overnight stay were available. It ranges from 300 to 2,000 pesos depending on the types of rooms and cottages.

Entrance to Lake Agco

Lake Agco

 After enjoying the resort, I proceeded to the famous Lake Agco itself. I paid 10 pesos for the entrance fee and It will take 10 minutes of walking. The road was muddy since it was raining but there were portions where stepping stones, a square shaped cement, were on the walkway. 

When I was already near the lake, I noticed a strange smell. I found out that the smell was coming from the smoke under the soil. It was a Sulfuric steam smoke coming from Mt. Apo. The lake was covered by smoke which caused a zero visibility in the area. The lake was also boiling which can cook an egg if I dip one in it. I was really delighted upon seeing the smoke and the lake itself. 

Man made cave for hot bath

After visiting the lake, I transferred to Lake Agco Jacuzzi Antapan Mountain Resort. I paid 50 pesos for the entrance fee. The place was covered by different plants and trees. Visitors will enjoy swimming in their small waterfalls and hot bath in their man made cave. 

Souvenirs were available in Lake Agco. A lot of souvenir shops that offers different kinds of key chain, printed t-shirt, tribal products, and a lot more, were available in the area.

I left Lake Agco at 3pm, I rode habal-habal again at the terminal going back to Kidapawan City. It was a great experience to visit Lake Agco. More knowledge and discoveries were gathered that I can share to everyone.

How to get there?

By Bus
From Davao City, go to Davao Overland Transport Terminal and take the Weena Bus bound to Kidapawan City or Cotabato City.

By Van
There are two terminals of vans going to Kidapawan City, the terminal in SM City Davao and NCCC Mall.

Going to lake Agco from Kidapawan City can be reached by habal-habal or motorcycle at KOASA terminal in Kidapawan City. 


Davao to Kidapawan City (Aircon Bus) – Php150.00
Kidapawan City – Lake Agco – Php100.00/head



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