Tuesday, October 1, 2013

D' Bone Collector Museum is another pride of Davao City. When I visited Abreeza Mall, luckily, I was able to see some bone collections of reptiles and other animals. Actually, that was not my first time to see those collections. I already visited their Museum at San Pedro Extension or commonly known by the name "Bucana". It is a 3-storey Building Blue Cone.

The question displayed in their tarpaulin made me more interested to ask much more from the tour guide, (I forgot the name). He explained the importance of doing actions to protect and prevent the animals from total extinction. Pollution is the number one reason of the deaths of many animals, both land & water. Improper waste disposals in the sea is the main cause of the increasing death tolls of fish, whale and other sea creatures.

The above picture is named "Happy Sad" Spotted Dolphin died last 2012, she got her name from the fact that she was a double standing mother and calf. The mother died a hour after the museum rescued her. Calf was released that evening as it was already weened. The museum feared for the survival of the calf but they were "happy" when the pod of about 30 dolphins came and swam away with the calf. "Sad" the mother died.

The mother's cause of death was ruled by dehydration and starvation. Humans are heavily competing with their food in the Davao Gulf.

Preserving and conserving the endangered animal species are the main points the museum wants to send to its visitors. Darrell Blatchley strongly encourages everyone to do something to save what remains of our natural resources, specifically the animal species. We can do our part by simply throwing our garbage on proper receptacles and reuse, reduce and recycle as much possible.

We can give donation to the museum so that they can preserve more bones and teach student or even walk-in tourist.

D' Bone Collector Museum Inc. Voted #1 Museum in 2012 by Mindanao Museum Association. The museum open Monday - Friday (10am - 5pm), Saturday 1pm - 5pm & Closed on Sunday.

For reservation contact (09196240744)

Entrance Fee

Php40.00 - Kids
Php50.00 - Adults

Address: San Pedro Ext. Or Common Name Bucana. Brg 76-A across from Nograles Park. 3 Story Building Blue Cone. Family Circus Compund , Davao City

So come & visit the museum today!



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