Friday, February 22, 2013

Bangkero Festival commemorates the skill of Pagsanjan’s bangkeros (boatmen) who never fail in impressing their guests with their skill in maneuvering the boat against wild rapids amidst a pristine panorama of lush forest. features stimulating water and in-land activities that  will surely entertain its guests. 

The Palarong Bangkero or the fluvial parade and exhibitions highlight this fantastic festival. Other activities include street dancing, drum and lyre band completion, choral fest, cultural night, trade fair, sports events and a lot more.

Bangkero Festival Schedule of Activities

Photo credit to Bangkero Festival FB Page


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  1. Hi! Would you know the schedule of activities for this year's bangkero festival? I am wanting to see this festival since it's near the metro. Thank you! :)




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