Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bambanti, the local term for a scarecrow best represents the main industry of Isabela. The human-like form dressed in old clothes placed in the middle of the rice or corn fields acts as a decoy for crows feeding on the crops. 
Dubbed as the "Rice Granary of the North", Isabela remains as an agricultural province but now evolving inot one great agri-ecotourism destination in the country. Bambanti Festival showcases the bountiful harvest, the ingenuity of the people, and the unexplored beauty, that is Isabela.

The Bambanti Festival runs for a week exhibiting the best Isabela has to offer - from the world-class products, the rich culture, the delightful cuisine, to the yet unexplored travel destinations. Each town will showcase their finest products, traditions, and local attractions to increase visits from local and foreign tourists. Visitors can try the famous Pansit Cabagan, the Mushroom products of Cauayan City, and of course, the Patupat and Binallay of Ilagan. It is the opportune time to display what each locality is known for or soon to be famous for.



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