Thursday, December 27, 2012

I travel around the Philippines to witness and discover different places. I take pictures with my Canon camera and carrying my Backpack. I trust people who are completely strangers to me. I was able to ride a plane, Bus, Ship, Banca, Jeep, Van, Tricycle, Habal-Habal motor etc. to satisfy my eagerness for new adventures. Every time I reach my desitination, I can always say to myself that no one can compare my beloved Davao City.

I love Davao City because I was born and raised in a beautiful City of Davao. The experiences of the little boy Bryan who lived in Sin Yan, a barrio of Barangay Biao has a great contributions of what I have become now. A brief history, My place in Sin Yan was named after my grandfather who was a pure Chinese by blood. When I finished my High School, I moved to Downtown Davao for my college degree. I took Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in Management at University of Mindanao, Bolton Campus. But due to bad influence of "Barkada" I did not finished my course and stopped my studies for a year. Because of the love of my parents, they gave a second chance to continue my dreams. I transferred to Holy Cross College of Calinan. After 2 years, I met my Soulmate who is my wife now. She got pregnant while we were in college and both of us stopped. The incident did not break my desire to pursue my dreams and promised myself to finish my studies. Last March 2008, I finished my Bachelor's Degree and after a year I worked as a Loans Specialist at One Network Bank Inc.

For the past 27 years, I’ve witnessed how Davao City have grown from a laid-back city into a brand new metropolis. It has become an important gateway to Mindanao. Today, Davao City has soared high but the quality of life here is still the same. The ever changing city skyline of Davao is brought about by the tremendous infusion of foreign and local investments in the city. No businessman in his right mind would ever infuse fresh capital to a business venture without the clear guarantee of early return of, and sustainable income from his investments in mind. Absolute trust in the city government's dynamic leadership and confidence in  the stability of city's economic activities top among the list of very important considerations in a businessman's mind in his pursuit of doing business in the locality.

Today, I am living a happy life with my family together with my two daughters who are my inspiration in every blog I make so that someday, they will continue my work as "Lakwatsero".





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