Sunday, October 28, 2012

The beaches in Cagwait gives income to the local government. In return, these beaches are well maintained by the governement.

Upon entering the entrance of the resort, I was amazed of the cleanliness of the area. It was a beautiful landscape that will give the guest more fun and interesting to come in the resort.

On the left side of the resort entrance, I saw the Tourist Inn. This Inn caters Backpackers like me and any events like convention, seminar, reunion and any occasions.

The cottages of the resort is perfect for sightseeing. The white sand and the splash of water is worth the visit. I really appreciated the cleanliness of the place. 

The stunning beauty of the resort was one of my greatest experiences. I adore their government for developing the place into a tourist destination. 



  1. Hi. First time to visit and you are right, ganda dyan.

  2. Hello mam joy, first time kung pumunta jan, na amazed talaga ako sa ganda ng place at sa linis ng resort. hope to visit again. GOD BLESS.

  3. Thanks mam Carolyn, Its my pleasure... GOD BLESS..




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